Thousand Blank Cards


For 2 - ~15 players.


Make the Game

Take the sheets of paper and rip them up into 3” square pieces, about enough for each person to have 5. Give everyone a pen and about an equal number of the pieces of paper.

Now spend 30 minutes where each person fills out the blank cards they were given.

Filling Cards

Each card has to have a few things to be an official Thousand Blank Cards card:

  1. Title - Name the card something fun

  2. Illustration - Some illustration (perhaps) related to the card

  3. Dare / Rule / Act - Make up a dare or a new rule or an act that has to be performed to get the points on the card; go wild, as this can involve multiple players, the cards in play, other’s points, really anything; imagine every game you’ve ever played and use that as inspiration

  4. Point Value - The card should have some instructions for how to give (or remove) points for doing the act (or for other cases)

Example Cards

This game is very free form. There are no bad cards, but it can be fun and clever when cards interact with each other.

Play the Game

Once all the cards have been filled out, deal out all the cards evenly. Gameplay is going around a circle taking turns giving a card from your hand to another player. They should read the card by themselves first, then if no instruction precludes reading the card, read it aloud, then perform the action to get the number of points.

Once all the cards have been played, the player with the most points “wins”, but really everyone wins.