Think Pink AKA Thinky Pinky, Thinkedy Pinkedy


For 2 - ~10+ players.


The purpose of the game is to guess the phrase. One person in the group thinks of a rhyming phrase made up of two words and is “It”. If the words have one syllable each, the “it” says “I have a think pink.” If the words have two syllables each, the “it” says “I have a Thinky Pinky.” If the words have three syllables each, the “it” says “I have a Thinkedy Pinkedy.” The It player also has to give a clue. The others have to guess what the rhyming phrase is.


The It player says, I have a Thinky Pinky and the clue is Ben and Jerry’s. Then everyone knows that we’re looking for a rhyming phrase of two syllables each word. People guess different examples of two word phrases with two syllables each, including Joey Schmoey (maybe thinking about two guys names) and Very Berry (ice cream flavors). Finally, the right answer is suggested: Chunky Monkey.