Ten Second Blindfolded Self Portraits


For 4 - ~8 players.



Give out a drawing paper and pen to each person. On the back of your drawing paper, write your name.


Everyone closes their eyes, then someone says go, and counts to ten seconds. During those ten seconds, everyone draws a self portrait while their eyes are closed. At the end of time, everyone stops and puts their drawings in a pile in the middle of the table face up (so the names still can’t be seen). Then everyone opens their eyes.


Once everyone has opened their eyes, display all the portraits face-up on the table. On their fronts, someone label them A, B, C, etc.

Then each person takes their score card and tries to match A, B, C, etc. with each person playing.

Once everyone’s had a chance to write out all their guesses, flip over the drawing papers to see what the correct answers are. Score yourself.

Whoever guesses the most self portraits correctly wins!


If you don’t have identical pens or pencils to give to each person, before drawing, put all the pens in the middle, and while people have their eyes closed, reach for a pen, count to ten and draw, then put all the pens and papers back in the middle, thus no one will have seen someone holding a specific pen.

Instead of self portraits, draw: