Sword Toss


For 2 - ~8 players.



Prepare a sword: Take the stick and wrap about 4 inches on one end in tape. This taped end is the handle.


People take turns tossing the sword to a person. If they catch the stick one handed with at least one finger touching the handle, they’re safe. If they don’t catch the sword touching the tape or drop it, then they lose a limb! They also can pass and and be safe if they don’t try to catch the sword at all. Hide lost limbs behind your back; you can’t use them! All tosses and catches are one handed.

The first limb lost is the arm used to catch the sword, the second is one of your legs, the third is the other leg.


Once you’ve missed three times, you’ll have lost all of your limbs and you’re out. Keep playing until one person is standing.