For 2 to ~8 players.



Evenly around the edge of the stump, securely tap in one nail per person who is playing. Everyone claims one nail as their own.


On your turn, your goal is to flip the hammer in the air, catch it, and in one motion swing at someone else’s nail.

You have a bad flip and aren’t allowed to go for a nail if:

If you hit someone’s nail, they take a drink. If you flush someone’s nail, they have to finish their beer and they are out. If you have a bad flip, you drink.

You are allowed one swing per complete revolution the hammer makes during your flip. E.g. if you flip the hammer and it spins around twice and you catch it, you can immediately go into two swings to try to hit nails.

Once your attempt a flip, your turn is over. Pass the hammer around the stump to the next person who isn’t out.

Play until only one nail remains not-flushed.