For 5 - 15 players.



Draw out a large box, 16 feet by 16 feet large. Divide the box into four sections, each 8 feet by 8 feet. Make a queue outside the box. The first four people get on the corners of the box and the fifth person stands in the middle.


The goal of the four corner people is to get the middle person “out.” This is done by “swapping” on them three times. A swap is when any two of the corner people swap positions without the middle person tagging an abandoned corner. More than two people are allowed to swap, e.g. a “cycle right” is allowed.


Once the middle person has witnessed three swaps without taking a corner, they’re out, they go to the back of the line and a new challenger is in the middle. If the person in the middle successfully makes it to an abandoned corner, they stay and become a new corner person, then whichever corner person is left without a corner is out, goes to the back of the line, and a new challenger is in the middle.