Sand Pictionary


For ~8+ players.



Split into two teams. Pick one person from each team to form the “council.” A different person from each team to be the “artist.”

The councilmembers go off an decide a picture subject in secret. They don’t tell anyone else.

The artists prepare two equally sized drawing areas in the sand or dirt a few feet across. You could make this look like a table tennis court; the two drawing areas are back-to-back.

The rest of the crowd is going to act as guessers. They should split up by team and stand behind their artist.


At the same time, the councilmembers whisper the subject into the ears of the artists. The artists then have to draw as fast as they can the subject, while the rest of the crowd yells out guesses for what the subject is.

Once the artist hears someone on their team shout the subject, they raise their hands and have won!