Running Charades


For 8 - ~30 players.


One person is clue master. They come up with 10 charades clues and write them in a list in order.

Everyone else forms teams of 4-7 people. Each team has to find a separate room or area to play in; somewhere where you can’t easily watch another team.

Every team starts in their room and sends one runner to the clue master to get the first clue.


The clue master tells all of the runners the first clue. It is now a race!

Runners run back to their team to charade out the clue. As soon as someone on their team guesses the clue correctly, the guesser is the new second runner!

They run to the clue master to get the second clue, back to their group to charade, and whoever guesses it correctly becomes the third runner. This continues until all the clues have been guessed.


First team to guess all 10 clues wins the game!

Players can rotate being clue master.