Rage Cage


For 2 - ~30 players.



Clear off a large table. Place two empty cups on opposite each other near the edge of the table; these are the starting stacks of a single cup. Cluster all of the remaining cups in the middle of the table; fill one of them all the way up with beer and place it in the center of the cluster, fill the remaining cluster cups with an inch of beer.

Everyone circles around the table. The two people directly in front of the stacks get ping pong balls.


It is your turn when you get a stack passed to you. On your turn, your job is to bounce the ping pong ball on the table and then into the top cup of the stack; repeat until you succeed. As soon as the ping pong ball is in, pass the stack and ball clockwise to the next person without a stack in the circle.

If you would pass your stack to someone who already has one, tap the top of their stack with yours, skipping them.

If you get skipped, you have to grab another cup of beer from the cluster, drink it, add that new cup to the top of your stack, then continue attempting to bounce the ball into the top of the stack to finish your turn.

The center beers will slowly become incorporated into the two stacks that are circling the table. As they grow taller, it becomes harder to bounce the balls in.


Whoever gets lapped when there is one cup remaining has to drink the full beer and buy the beer for the next round.