Peep Jousting


For 2 - ~5 players.



Each round is two people battling via their peeps “jousting.” Each person takes a peep and a toothpick. They poke the toothpick securely into the arm of the peep so the other point of the toothpick is facing forward like a lance. The two peeps are placed about two inches apart from each other on a plate. Orient them so that the exposed ends of the toothpicks are aiming at the other peeps and are about half an inch away.

Now battle can begin.


Place the plate with the setup peeps in the microwave. Turn the microwave on for 30 seconds, but watch the peeps and be prepared to turn off the microwave.

As the microwave is on, it will heat up the peeps and cause them to inflate. As they inflate, the toothpicks will start poking towards the other peep. When the exposed end of one toothpick pokes the skin of the other peep, since it’s softened by the heat, it will pop it and it will slowly deflate.

Turn off the microwave as soon as one peep starts to deflate, as to not burn anything.


The last peep inflated wins!

Peeps can’t be reused, but toothpicks can. Two new challengers can joust. Setup a bracket or just have pairs of people joust.