Odds Game AKA What Are the Odds?


For 2 players.


At any point, you can think of a dare for someone else to do. Go up to them and ask them “what are the odds that you’ll whatever dare?” E.g:

Dare Rules

The dare rules are the same as in the Die Game.

They then present some odds like “1 in X”. E.g. “1 in 10” or “1 in 5” or “1 in 100”. The odds they pick will be the probability that they have to do this thing. So if they don’t want to do it, they can pick smaller odds.

Now we have to see what happens! On the count of three, both of you say a number between 1 and X inclusive. If both of you say the same number, that’s a hit! They have to do the dare.

Special Odds

There are two “special” odds that might cause you to do the dare. They are a check to make sure your dares aren’t too crazy: