For 4+ players.


Circle up with each person putting both hands in the middle. The game begins with everyone jumping back and assuming a ninja pose!

Attack Order

Someone is selected to attack first. Only one person attacks at a time and the attack moves around the circle. The order of attack is fixed from the start clockwise around the circle. Even if you move around later, you still attack in the starting order. Everyone must be frozen unless they are attacking or currently being attacked. The next attacker is allowed to strike as soon as the previous one has completed their ninja move, so it can rotate very quickly! The person who is attacking circles around until only one person remains.


The goal is to hit other people’s hands with ninja chops. If you are hit in the hand by someone else’s hand, you’re out; step out of the circle. An attack must be a single swift ninja move: a single arc of an arm or jump; no “out and back.” When you are attacking, you are allowed to move by jumping.


If you are being attacked, you are allowed to defend by moving your hands out of the way once the attacker has started their movement; you are not allowed to move your feet. If you move your feet or fall over, you’re out. If you move or flinch before the attacker has actually attacked, you must return to your original frozen position.