Malorie Family Fun Game AKA Celebrity, Fishbowl, Bowl Game


For ~5 - ~20 players.


Make Cards

Cut up paper into small slips. Each person should get ~5 slips. They should write a short phrase on each. Topics can be anything!

Circle Up

Split into two equal teams. Sit in a circle with the two teams interleaved.


Each person has 45 seconds to get the rest of their team to guess as many slips as they can, using the rules of the current round. The person before them plays timer. If a slip is guessed, remove it from the bowl. Pass the remaining un-guessed slips to the next person when your turn is up.

Once the bowl is empty of slips, the round is over. Each team counts up the number of slips they got and gets that many points. Put all the slips back in the bowl and continue around the circle using the harder rules of the next round.

Even when your team isn’t guessing, listen! The same cards are in the bowl each round, so you have to remember what was seen before.