For ~5 - ~30 players.


Everyone circles up!


This is a “pass the energy” game. It also has a rhythm; every action happens on four beats, two beats for receiving the energy, two beats for sending it, and repeat.

The energy starts with someone, they receive it by saying “bunny bunny” (two beats) while pointing to themselves, then they send it by saying “bunny bunny” (two beats) and pointing at a receiver.

If you’re standing next to someone who receives the energy, you say “ticky tocky” (two beats) while they point at themselves and receive the energy, then say “ticky tocky” (two beats) while they send the energy at someone else.

Everyone else in the circle, chants “koom ba” (two beats) over and over while the energy is being sent and received. You’re never silent in this game!


If you make a mistake, you’re out of the circle. Play until one person remains.