Human Ladder


For 4 - ~10 players.



Play in a large room or similarly sized flat area. At one end, draw out a base line that is 10’ long. Make sure there’s at least 15’ - 20’ of space out from the base line.

People should form teams of two and be given a single cup.


Each team takes a turn attempting to place their cup as far as possible from the base line and then return both players fully behind the baseline. When every team has attempted, the team with the farthest cup wins!

During your turn, the two people are only allowed a cumulative 3 points of contact on the ground beyond the base line. Only hands and feet are allowed as points of contact. As soon as someone touches the ground, that counts as a point of contact, and that point can’t be moved or shimmied. It can be fully broken, but touching the ground again afterwards counts as adding a new point of contact.

There are no restrictions on how many times you can touch, pull, walk on, grab, or help balance your teammate though! Usually the first teammate falls onto two hands and acts as a bridge for the second teammate to push the cup further.

Just climbing over your teammate and placing the cup does not end your turn, though! Your team has to return from your outstretched position to being fully behind the baseline without going over 3 points of cumulative contact total! So make sure you are able to heave yourself back up, or are able to help pull your teammate back up!

If you fall over or make more than 3 points of contact, your turn is disqualified.