Exquisite Corpse


For 3 - ~15 players.



Everyone sits in a circle and gets their own sheet of paper and pencil. Everyone takes their piece of paper and folds it into thirds.


Each person’s paper has been folded into three sections: for head, torso, and legs. To start, you will draw a head and shoulders for a creature or person on the top third of your sheet of paper. Make sure your drawing goes right to the edge of the third.

Once everyone is done drawing, fold your paper over so you can only see the middle section, hopefully with just the edges of your head drawing peeking over the fold in the paper. Everyone then passes their paper to the right.

Now draw a torso on the middle third of the paper you just received, trying to make it mesh with the peeking edges of the head drawing. Once you’re done, fold the paper again so just the blank legs third of the paper is showing.

Rotate paper to the right one more time and repeat the drawing process with the new foot section.

Once everyone is done, unfold the pages and see the three-part creatures you’ve created!


You could fold the paper into more or fewer sections and pass the paper in different directions.