Die Game


For 2 players.



If you have a die, you can go up to someone and dare them to do something. First, pick a dare, then pick a number on the die. Confidence is key: phrase your dare as “when I roll this number, …”

Once you have your dare, roll the die. If it shows the number you said, it’s a hit! They have to do the dare. If not, they don’t have to do anything. In either case, the die is passed on to them and they can dare someone else.

If you roll the die and it does not land perfectly flat on a surface, (e.g. in the crack of a wooden table, in the grass, on someone’s shoe) that is a foul, and you have to do the dare. So don’t pick dares you’d never consider doing. Even if you foul, the original target gets the die.

Dare Rules