Camouflage AKA Sniper


For 3+ players.



One person is picked to be the hunter. Everyone else is the prey and their goal is to hide from the hunter.


The game starts with all prey touching the hunter, the hunter closing their eyes, and then counting down from 30. As soon as they start counting, the prey must hide.

When the hunter counts down to 0, they open their eyes and spend about a minute seeing if they can see any prey while still keeping their pivot foot. They are planted in one spot and set a pivot foot. They are never allowed to pick up their pivot foot.

Once a minute or two has passed and the hunter doesn’t call out anyone, the round is over.


Once the round is over, prey stay hidden, and the hunter closes their eyes and starts counting down from a smaller number than the previous round (e.g. if the last round was 30, count down from 25). In that time, all of the prey have to run, tag the hunter, then hide again.

Once the hunter is at 0 again, they open their eyes and spend a minute or two looking for people.

Repeat with decreasing length hiding time until one person is left.

Calling Rules

The hunter can only get someone out when they call out a person by name and where they are hiding. Just knowing that someone is behind the bush is not enough, you have to know who it is.

Once someone is called out, they come and stand by the hunter.


When a prey hides, they have to be able to see some part of the hunter at all times.