Alien AKA Alien Egg


For ~5 - ~20 players.



Pick one person to be the alien. Everyone else are humans. A soccer ball is used as the alien egg.

Alien is best played in a dark, creepy house with lots of paths. First, make sure everyone knows what parts of the house are in-bounds. Then make in-bounds very creepy: turn off all the lights, draw curtains to make it very dark, play loud scary music. One room is picked as the human base.

Once the house has been prepared, all humans go to the human base. The alien now has 5 minutes to hide the egg in the in-bounds part of the house. The egg shouldn’t be hidden inside of anything; it will be hard enough to find tucked in a corner or on top of a shelf.

Once the egg-hiding timer has elapsed, the hunt begins.


The hunt lasts 8 minutes. The goal for the humans is to bring the egg back to the human base. The goal for the alien is to stun every human and prevent the egg from being found before the hunt is over.

Humans can carry the egg, but must drop it when tagged. The alien can not move the egg once the egg-hiding time is over and the hunt has started.

Whenever the alien tags a human, they are stunned and have to lie down where they are. They can still talk, but they can not move. Healthy humans can heal stunned humans by carrying them back to the human base.


If the egg is brought back to the base before the hunt is over, the humans win. If the egg is still hidden or if all humans are stunned, the alien wins.